We aspire to facilitate spiritual and social spaces that are welcoming, meaningful, and nurturing, in the spirit of the Prophetic community.



The Prophetic practice of welcoming and embracing community is at the core of a safe space. We aspire to be a community that grows towards the ideals of our faith and spirituality together, while continuing to appreciate each of our experiences.



It its very essence, the values of our faith are meaningful to each and every person. When faith is meaningful, it provides clarity in confusion, and with our questions we find solutions. Our engagement with our faith fosters both reverence, as well as relevance.



Our philosophy is built upon the belief that spirituality prospers in the environment of social semi-sacred space, just as we know it does in the reflective state of individual worship. We know that growth happens simply by being in good company.


Roots opened in early 2018 as a community space, dedicated to providing a warm environment, facilitating great conversations, being accessible in space and in faith, and giving each member of our community a home-away-from-home. Our goal is to provide opportunities and experiences to supplement the Islamic institutions in the Dallas Fort-Worth area. Our efforts are under the guidance and mentorship of Qalam.